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Ernie Harwell Talks to Richard Justice

There was plenty of Ernie Harwell stuff in today's Detroit Free Press in anticipation of his 90th birthday coming up on Friday, and I bet he'll make an appearance on at least one of the local talk radio stations over the next couple of days. But when he's chatting with one of the best baseball writers in America (in my opinion, anyway), I think it's worth a listen.

Harwell will be a guest on Richard Justice's radio show on 1560 AM in Houston at 12 p.m. EST Wednesday. And the station streams live programming over the internet, so you can tune in. If you can't listen live, however, KGOW also offers podcasts on its website. I'll be looking for a recording, since I don't think I'll be near a computer at noon. But I don't know how fast the station gets clips online.

If you get a chance to listen, chime in with some thoughts on the interview.