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Follow-Up on Canseco vs. Magglio

I'm a couple of days late with this, but the jokesters at The Dugout (AOL Fanhouse) chimed in on the Jose Canseco vs. Magglio Ordonez story with some faux chat room hilarity. Here's a snippet:

YESWayJose: Hear me out man. This is the business opportunity of a lifetime.

OhComeLetUsOrdonez: listen i'm really not interested in skiing in aspen or riding a dune buggy around in the sierra. my family is deathly afraid of high speeds.

YESWayJose: This is way better than whatever a timeshare is. I'm making movie.

OhComeLetUsOrdonez: a movie.

YESWayJose: Yeah it's going to be great. I'm going to play a ninja who's captured and kept in a cave.

OhComeLetUsOrdonez: a ninja. you're serious.

I don't think I'd have come up with "OhComeLetUsOrdonez" if you gave me three hours to think of a nickname. Brilliant.