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Brandon Inge Stops by The Dugout

With Brandon Inge's making his feelings - "bitter, mad, and frustrated" - public yesterday, it's natural that the Detroit Tigers' former third baseman might make the rounds to clarify his remarks and emotions. Once again, Inge has spurned Lynn Henning, but he stopped by The Dugout (AOL Fanhouse) chatroom for a conversation with his successor, Miguel Cabrera. Here's a taste:

MigNewton: Whoa, what's this?

IGotANineInger: a little welcoming party. yes take a seat.

MigNewton: That chair clearly has straps on the arms and a shotgun propped against the back.

IGotANineInger: how do you know it's loaded?

MigNewton: You're loading it right now.

Communication is key to a healthy relationship. It's nice to see Inge reaching out, even if it could be with a weapon. (The badly photoshopped Cabrera roster photo is also good for a chuckle.)