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Inge Ducking the Media: A Dramatization

Okay, I realize the Brandon Inge story is pretty much closed after he broke his media blackout yesterday. But even if this is almost beating the proverbial dead horse, a funny post occurred to me this morning and I don't want to let it go to waste. (The shelf life on this probably expires today.)

Ladies and gentleman, a dramatic re-enactment of Lynn Henning trying to reach Brandon Inge on the phone. The part of Henning is played by Jon Favreau. (Watch out for the profanity at the 2:23 mark, if you're watching this at work.)

I know - it would've been funnier last week. But I couldn't resist. Or maybe I should've saved this for the beginning of Spring Training, in case Inge decided to duck the media throng in Lakeland. Oh, well.