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Like Stripes On the Fur Coat of a Tiger - 01/29

Big Al wonders if Brandon Inge could be the new Tony Phillips. Phillips was one of my favorite players, so I'd love to see that. (Especially if Inge improved himself as a hitter the way Phillips did.)

Maybe I should name my first-born after Tony Phillips, like these people did with Al Kaline and Lou Whitaker. Personally, I think "Walewander Casselberry" has a nice ring to it.

Casting an eye on the AL Central, Francisco Liriano says his arm is throwing all his pitches now, with "no problem." Though the Minnesota Twins could reportedly trade Johan Santana in the next 10 days (now seven, since that article was published), can they resist taking a 1-2, Santana-Liriano pitching punch into this coming season?

Over at Take 75 North, Matt crunches some numbers for a very interesting question. What is the ideal age at which a major league team should sign a Latino ballplayer? At what point is a team getting the most potential upside, and when does the curve trend downward?

The Daily Fungo thinks Inge needs to adjust his attitude a bit before reporting to Spring Training.

If you haven't seen this already, check out Joe Posnanski humorously advocating for the Kansas City Royals to get involved in the Johan Santana trade business. The Kansas City Star should've run his "news story."

Jason Beck continues his position-by-position series of the 2008 Tigers with a look at the team's outfielders. Can Magglio Ordonez and Curtis Granderson top their 2007 seasons?

The Florida Marlins need to stock Andrew Miller's locker with some new team apparel. Unless they like him working out in Detroit Tigers gear. (via TigerBlog)