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Morris and Trammell Didn't Rock the Hall of Fame Vote

As you've probably heard by now, Goose Gossage was the only player elected to the 2008 Hall of Fame class this afternoon. 75% of votes are required to win election; Gossage received 85.8%. Jim Rice is probably biting down on a bat somewhere as he came tantalizingly close with a 72.2% tally. Andre Dawson (65.9%) and Bert Blyleven (61.9%) were the only other players to finish above 60% of the voting totals.

Unfortunately, the former Detroit Tigers who were eligible for Hall of Fame election didn't fare very well. Here are their voting totals:

Jack Morris -- 233 (42.9%)
Alan Trammell -- 99 (18.2%)
Travis Fryman -- 2 (0.4%)

What's really sad is that less than 25% of the vote for Trammell likely means he's not getting in. (Keith Law and Joe Sheehan said as much on ESPNEWS about an hour ago.) He received more votes than he did in 2007 (73 for 13.4%), and he'll stay on the ballot since he got at least five percent of the voting totals. But it's probably not the push he needed for future balloting.