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Talk Amongst Ourselves: Our Chat with It's Just Sports

Patrick Hayes from's It's Just Sports blog asked if I'd like to participate in their "Better Know a Blogger" series of interviews, perhaps knowing that I kind of enjoy talking about myself. But even if he didn't have that intuition, he's already talked to Natalie of Need4Sheed and Kevin from SideLion Report, and I'm happy to be included with them.

Topics of discussion include the position changes for Brandon Inge and Carlos Guillen, what moves Dave Dombrowski might make this off-season, and some quick thoughts on several Tigers. Oh, and if you're interested, we talk a bit about my background, my approach to blogging, and favorite Tigers memories. Patrick asked some great questions that were really fun to answer.

So click on over to the interview, if you're so inclined, and let us know what you think. And thanks to It's Just Sports for including me in their interview series. Have a great weekend!