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If Derek Lowe is Too Pricey For the Red Sox...

What chance do the Detroit Tigers have at signing him?

According to the Boston Herald, the Boston Red Sox would love to bring Derek Lowe back, but after the strong September (3-0, 0.59 ERA) and post-season (1-1, 3.31 ERA in three starts) he pitched for the Los Angeles Dodgers, his price tag on the open market is likely much more expensive.

“Some team is going to make him their No. 1 priority,” said a talent evaluator with a major league club. “He’s going to make himself a lot of money.”

How much? The numbers being tossed around are a three-or-four-year deal worth $14 or 15 million a season. Do you think the Tigers would want to pursue Lowe at that price?

It's believed that Lowe could be the most coveted free agent pitcher after CC Sabathia and A.J. Burnett. (Maybe if Lowe went by his initials, he'd be even more popular.) The Mets might be the team most interested in his services.

(via MLB Trade Rumors)