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Firing Up the Hot Stove on The Detroit Tigers Podcast

For the latest episode of The Detroit Tigers Podcast, Mike McClary and I throw some wood into the Hot Stove and try to get the off-season fire warmed up.

First, we close the book on the miserable 2008 season (Mike has some thoughts on the lack of a contract extension for Jim Leyland), before shelving it in favor of 2009. Among the topics of discussion are the hiring of new pitching coach Rick Knapp, what sorts of moves the Tigers could make this winter, and potential free agents the team might pursue (one of which I mentioned last night).

Episode #61 can be downloaded directly from this link or the RSS feed. You can also click over to the DTP's home page and/or The Daily Fungo for more. Mike would love your feedback by posting a comment (here or there) or calling in to his listener line (602-903-5174). Thanks for listening!

UPDATE: I fixed the direct link to the correct file. Sorry about that.