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Joyce/Skelton Salt in the Wound

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Which headline better captured the disbelief over what we're calling "Joyce-Gate": This one from Lookout Landing or Matt Wallace's zinger at Take 75 North?

At Fangraphs, Dave Cameron scores "a huge win" for the Rays with the Matt Joyce trade.

It's Just Sports thinks Edwin Jackson should be the Tigers closer for 2009.'s Keith Law has astute scouting reports on both Jackson and Joyce.

But maybe the best look at Jackson comes from Blake at The Spot Starters. Two days later, this trade just continues to baffle. What do the Tigers see that we seem to be missing?

This is kind of after the fact now, but still worth a read. Some people were fawning over a player like James Skelton being available in the Rule 5 draft.

The Mets Minor League Blog had its eyes on Skelton, as well.

The Arizona Republic's Nick Piecoro reports that the Diamondbacks think Skelton could stick as a third catcher. He also has some scouting from the aforementioned Mr. Law.

SB Nation's D-Backs blog, AZ Snakepit, has some of what the D-Backs fans think of picking up Skelton.