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Like Stripes on the Fur Coat of a Tiger - 12/15

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Tiger Tales has an interview with Curtis Granderson. Topics of discussion include situational hitting, defense, basestealing, and Grandy's upcoming second annual charity basketball game.

Detroit Tigers Thoughts takes on the "Edwin Jackson was once a top prospect" argument used by those who like his acquisition.

Was Dave Dombrowski chasing wins when he made the trade for Jackson? Beyond the Box Score has a quote that could lead one to that impression. (via Baseball Musings)

Adam Everett has officially signed his contract with the Tigers. No surprises. One year for $1 million, plus incentives. But how about Steve Kornacki citing range factor in his story? Anything to try and put Everett's defense into a quantifiable asset, I suppose.

From his mailbag, Jason Beck addresses the Tigers' decision not to offer arbitration to Edgar Renteria and how the World Baseball Classic might affect the team.

If Chris Capuano was one of the non-tendered free agents that caught your fancy (though no one posted any comments here to that effect), forget about him. He re-signed with the Brewers today.

This isn't Tigers-related, but it has some local flavor. found an eBay auction of a ticket stub for a 1932 baseball game played between the University of Michigan and Meiji University of Tokyo.