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Over the weekend, several SB Nation bloggers thought it might be a nice gesture to celebrate, in accordance with Sean Forman's ('s founder) birthday. (Our man 'Duk at Big League Stew took it national!) I'm a couple of days late in hopping aboard the train (started by Brew Crew Ball), but still think it's worth mentioning.

As a baseball blogger, I don't know what I'd do without Baseball-Reference. Depending on the day and the post, I'm clicking over there dozens of times a day. I've also used it extensively for some of the freelance work I've done. I don't know how you can do research these days without it.

If you've ever clicked on a link to a player here at BYB, you were more than likely taken over to B-R. And I know a lot of you reading this use the site to support your arguments and answer your questions, as well.

But that site can't run without support, and we can help B-R out to make sure it continues to provide such a great resource to baseball fans. The easiest way to help is to sponsor an individual player page. Who was your favorite player growing up? Who's your Tiger now? Maybe his sponsorship is available, and most of them begin at $10 per year.

Before typing up this post, however, I figured I'd better put my money where my mouth is. So Tony Phillips is now sponsored by yours truly. (I just bought the sponsorship, so my name's not up there yet.) And I'm currently mulling over who else to support. Hey, Nate Robertson's available for $15.

Other current or former Tigers who could be sponsored include:

Randy Nosek, $5

Andy Van Hekken, $5

John Doherty, $5

Ramon Santiago, $10

Bobby Seay, $10

Zach Miner, $10

Milt Cuyler, $10

Bill Gullickson, $10

Tom Brookens, $10

Adam Everett, $15

Bobby Higginson, $15

Travis Fryman, $15

Marcus Thames, $15

Kenny Rogers, $40

Gary Sheffield, $120

If you do end up sponsoring a current or former Tiger, post your player in the comments. It'd be especially fun to see who some of your favorites were, and the former Tigers I came up with were just off the top of my head.