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Signs of Hot Stove Rumor Fatigue

Did anyone else see this article about A.J. Hinch in Sunday's Detroit Free Press and briefly think - even for a second - that the Tigers were looking at him to play catcher next season?

No? That was just me? Okay, I'm reading too many Hot Stove rumors. Or bad ones, anyway. With the Winter Meetings coming up, hopefully the good stuff is on the way. Just some action would be nice.

And if you're thinking, "A.J. who?" he was a catcher on the abysmal 2003 team. You might remember them from such horrifying memories as "The Team That Lost 119 Games." Or you don't remember at all because recall of that year has been scrubbed from your brain. If that's the case, good for you.

Brandon Inge and Matt Walbeck actually caught the majority of innings for the Tigers in 2003, however, so even if you did watch, but still don't remember Hinch (who batted .203/.247/.392), it's understandable.