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The End of 'Who's Your Tiger?'

"Who's Your Tiger?" wasn't just a marketing slogan; it was an ice-breaker among fans. When the Detroit Tigers rolled it out for the 2006 season, the timing seemed perfect, as many more people began following the team and its success became watercooler chatter.

But these things never last. Gotta keep it fresh and exciting. Alas, "Who's Your Tiger?" has been retired, and the Tigers will unveil a new slogan for the 2009 season. What will it be? The Tigers aren't saying yet. But they give a hint at the team's official MLBlog:

The new slogan, is not a "stand-alone" slogan or question. It's more of a statement--about the history and relationship the Tigers have with the City of Detroit.

At several points last season, I found myself wondering if the Tigers were going to revamp their campaign. (Maybe because it was incessant during commercial breaks, to the point where it just became audio wallpaper.) And evidently, this has been under discussion for quite some time.

But three years is a good run for something like this. And even if it's no longer the "official" slogan for the Tigers, I imagine "Who's Your Tiger?" will live on among fans. Or we'll come up with different ways to express our admiration and support for Curtis Granderson, Miguel Cabrera, Justin Verlander, and other fan favorites.

Of course, we can't put up a post like this and not solicit suggestions for new Tigers marketing slogans in the comments. Maybe we can put one of 'em on a BYB Gear t-shirt next season.

(Hat tip to Billfer)