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This Week's Jack Wilson Post

Okay, we know the Detroit Tigers don't want Edgar Renteria to be their shortstop. The team wouldn't even offer him arbitration, even though the San Francisco Giants' rumored interest in Renteria likely means he would've passed on it. We now also know, thanks to Jon Paul Morosi, that Detroit is no longer interested in making a deal with the San Diego Padres for Khalil Greene. And Morosi thinks the $6.5 million Greene is owed next season might be a big reason for that.

Yet the Tigers are still apparently circling around Pittsburgh's Jack Wilson. (Though Blake wonders if his $7.25 million salary for next season is now considered too pricey, as well.) Morosi reported yesterday (before the Greene news, it should perhaps be noted) that the Tigers and Pirates are in "ongoing" talks about a trade.

Our SB Nation broham Bucs Dugout wonders if Detroit's minor league system has the sort of prospects that the Pirates are looking for. But one of their commentors pointed to Jennifer Langosch's mailbag at, in which she suggested several players the Tigers might be offering in a deal:

There is young depth at short in Detroit's system. The Tigers might be willing to part with Brent Dlugach since he's probably the organization's No. 3 shortstop right now. Trying to pry away the organization's No. 2 shortstop prospect -- Danny Worth -- would likely require the Pirates to offer more than just Wilson. But it is a possibility.

The Tigers have plenty of Minor League outfielders that they could offer, including Brent Clevlen, who the Pirates have shown interest in before, and Matt Joyce, a left-handed-hitting corner outfielder. But really, the Pirates already seem pretty set in terms of young outfield prospects.

As for pitching prospects that Detroit possibly would be willing to offer, Luis Marte, a young power arm, and Guillermo Moscoso were names that came up in discussions I had with someone in Detroit.

After all the pitching Detroit gave up last offseason, the idea of giving up more in a trade for a one-to-two-year stopgap might make some cringe. But it's also difficult to imagine the Tigers getting Wilson without sending over a young arm in return.

Meanwhile, Baseball Prospectus's John Perrotto says the Dodgers are cool on dealing for Wilson now. (Hat tip to MLB Trade Rumors) But the Baltimore Orioles may have taken their place in the competition for making a deal. However, Bucs Dugout wonders if the O's want to give up prospects at this point. (Baltimore might be saving its younguns for a potential Jake Peavy deal, too.)

So Pittsburgh might be facing a one-team market for Wilson. Does that help the Tigers' chances of getting him or lessen the Pirates' willingness to to deal him?