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The Quest For Relief Returns to Joe Beimel

[Editor's Note: We're following the Jack Wilson trade rumors. Here's our post on the latest, if that's why you stopped over. We'll have more as it's reported.]

With baseball's Winter Meetings beginning on Monday, interest in trades and free agent signings is bound to warm up, and that seems to be the case for those teams looking to sign reliever Joe Beimel. According to Jason Beck, the Detroit Tigers are one of "multiple teams" that have become more active in contacting Beimel's agent.

As with every other possible transaction during this Hot Stove season, however, a Beimel signing appears to depend on what else gets done beforehand. In this case, the teams that bow out of pursuing Darren Oliver (especially now that the Angels have offered him arbitration) might be the front-runners for Beimel's services. And the Tigers are likely among those clubs.

But maybe the market was already set when Jeremy Affeldt signed with the Giants for two years and $8 million. Beimel (5-1, 2.02 ERA last season) is definitely a tier below that. Maybe he falls within the $2 million a year range? (He made just under that last year with the Dodgers.)

I'm just going to say again - because I think it bears repeating - that I don't get why the Tigers are apparently going so hard after left-handed relief this winter. Bobby Seay and Clay Rapada seem fine to me. Devote those free agent relief dollars to Juan Cruz.

The other teams most interested in Beimel appear to be the Colorado Rockies and Cincinnati Reds.

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