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Dave Dombrowski's Winter Meetings Fireside Chat

[Editor's Note: We're following the Jack Wilson trade rumors. Here's our post on the latest, if that's why you stopped over. We'll have more as it's reported.]

Detroit Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski talked to Jesse Spector of the NY Daily News for an interview, and given the timing, I suppose it can be thought of as something of a Winter Meetings preview. What are the Tigers looking for as the team's braintrust heads to Vegas? Where does the starting rotation stand? Does last season's performance demand drastic moves or tweaks?

And here's what Dombrowski prefers in a shortstop or catcher:

Santiago can catch the ball at shortstop. The only question with Santiago for us is that he's a small guy in stature, and how will he hold up over a whole year. It's a matter of supplementing him with the right guy -- he can catch the ball at shortstop, he plays well there. So that's what we're looking for. At those two spots -- we're looking at pitching and defense primarily because we think we can score enough runs. So it's a matter of finding the catcher and shortstop to do that.

Unfortunately, the interview doesn't cover what exactly the Tigers are looking for with relievers. Does Dombrowski want a strikeout guy? An experienced closer or someone whose numbers say he might perform well in such a role? And how many guys does he think need to be added for next year's bullpen?

(via The Cutoff Man)