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Jack Wilson Happy Hour

Please pull up a stool and order up a beverage while we try to update the swirling Jack Wilson trade rumors.

Speaking to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Pirates general manager Neal Huntington denies that a deal has been reached with the Tigers. He also expressed his amazement at the "gossip network." Hey, we're doing our best.

According to the AP, a big hang-up in discussions with the Dodgers and Tigers is Wilson's contract. Neither team wants to be on the hook for his full $7.25 million salary for next season. The Tigers might even be asking the Pirates to absorb "most of" the financial burden.

From that same AP story, the Tigers are looking at free agent Adam Everett as a fallback if the discussion with the Pirates break down.

Wilson has a limited no-trade clause, and the Tigers are among the six teams he can refuse to go to, but he says that won't be an issue if any deal is made.

And though the Dodgers have apparently been more active in recent talks for Wilson, the Tigers brought a new offer to the Pirates last night, which is where this whole hullabaloo started. Still no word, however, on what Detroit offered in its new package.

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