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Wishful Shortstop Thinking?

Rafael Furcal has pretty much been written off as a possibility to be the Detroit Tigers' shortstop next season. But after he rejected Oakland's four-year contract offer (worth a reported $235-40 million), what kind of market is Furcal really looking at now? The Giants signed Edgar Renteria, the Cardinals traded for Khalil Greene, and other teams in need of a shortstop are either looking at lower-cost options or have their payroll locked in place.

But this last line from Buster Olney's column from yesterday is enough to make a Tigers fan rub his or her chin and think, "Hmm...":

And where does Furcal go? Well, he's the perfect player for some big-money contender to snag for a big-money, short-term deal, but such an offer may not emerge for some time.

I know, I know. The money isn't there. Or if it is, that cash should be spread out among several other positions. And it looks like that's the way the Tigers are going to roll this offseason. (This scenario might apply to the Los Angeles Dodgers or Atlanta Braves, as well.) But what if the free agent market ends up working out to the team's financial preferences? Is waiting the smarter thing to do here? And is Furcal worth such a risk for the Tigers?

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