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Vegas, Baby! Vegas!

[Editors' Note: I wrote this before the Tigers made their deal for Gerald Laird. But I think the post still applies. Will Detroit find itself a shortstop and closer in Vegas this week?]

Baseball's Winter Meetings have begun! Will someone please sign someone or make a trade? Let's put some heat on this Hot Stove! I'm looking at you, New York Mets. Unlock that closer market!

(This doesn't necessarily apply to the Oakland Athletics, Colorado Rockies, New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox, and Atlanta Braves. And certainly not to the San Francisco Giants. Does Brian Sabean even have to go to Las Vegas?)

Dave Dombrowski, you are Daniel Ocean walking into the Bellagio. (Okay, maybe Double-D looks more like Rusty Ryan - not to be confused with the Tigers' catcher, Dusty.) Walk out of there with a king's haul. Rob someone, if you have to.

Besides keeping up on whatever the Detroit Tigers do at the Winter Meetings, we'll also have the BYB Twitter feed on stand-by to pass along rumors, break news, or anything else that might not warrant a full post. It might not be as much fun as if we were actually in Vegas, but we'll do our best.

Here's hoping for a fun week.