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Everett "Set to Sign" With Tigers?

According to Dejan Kovacevic at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Detroit Tigers have settled on their shortstop.

The Detroit Tigers will not trade for Pirates shortstop Jack Wilson, apparently because they are set to sign free agent Adam Everett, a source said today at Major League Baseball's Winter Meetings.

Was that lede too blatant an attempt to stoke those Jack Wilson fears? I suppose the headline to this post already gave that away. I still have some work to do with this blogging thing, apparently.

Jon Paul Morosi reported earlier today that Everett worked out for the Tigers recently, presumably to show whether or not his throwing shoulder was healthy. I like to imagine that the workout consisted of Jim Leyland standing 150 feet away and daring Everett to hit him in the chest with a throw. Extra points if he knocked the Marlboro Man out or stopped his heart.

The Pirates, meanwhile, might be talking with the Minnesota Twins about Wilson now. How weirdly this hotstove shortstop carousel turns. Additionally, Kovacevic will no longer have to worry about calling Jeff Larish "Jason."

(Hat tip to Evan Brunell, who posted the news on Twitter.)

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