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Could Cleveland Get Wood?

An AL Central team could solve its closer problem very soon, but it might not be the Detroit Tigers.'s Anthony Castrovince is reporting that the Cleveland Indians "now appear close" to signing Kerry Wood to a two-year contract.

The offer to Wood might include an option for a third year, though that could not immediately be confirmed. But a source said the deal is gaining momentum and could be completed quickly.

Like the Tigers, the Tribe was also reportedly interested in trading for J.J. Putz, but may never really have been a factor due to the Mariners' demand for prospects in exchange.

If this is true, and the Indians are finalizing an agreement with a closer Detroit coveted, that's quite a double-whammy. Not only do the Tigers not get their guy (though others are still available), but he goes to a fierce division rival. Quite a buzzkill following yesterday's fun.

So where would that leave a potential trade for Putz? The Seattle Times' Geoff Baker says the two teams competing for his services are now the Tigers and Milwaukee Brewers.

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