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Baseball in Africa, Courtesy of Curtis

This is probably better suited for Deaner and The Grandy Report, but it's worth pointing over to. Over at, Jason Beck has an article about the MLB Ambassador Program and its recent visit to Africa. Included among the instructors, as you probably know, was the Detroit Tigers' Curtis Granderson.

Granderson and his fellow baseball ambassadors saw plenty of potential among the players participating in clinics during their visit, but acknowledged that some of the prospective talent was probably too old to develop their skills toward a career in professional baseball. Catching players at the right age (six to eight years old), however, would likely give them enough time to harness their talent and learn the game properly.

While touring Africa with his father and best friend, Granderson was most intrigued by the various backgrounds and cultures among the players he met and tutored.

"The interesting thing I saw," he said, "was that you saw South Africans that make up a lot of different cultures, colors and races. Even growing up, I had never seen an entire team of black ballplayers. And to see four, five, six teams of all black players [there was amazing]."

The article also includes a gallery of photos, which allow a glimpse of Granderson teaching and the kids participating in the baseball clinics.