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A Tip of the Tigers Cap to Roy Scheider

I just read that Roy Scheider passed away yesterday, due to complications from a staph infection. He was 75 years old. (Here's his obituary from the New York Times.)

Scheider's probably best known for his roles in Jaws, The French Connection, and All That Jazz (and I thought he was cool in Blue Thunder), but to Detroit Tigers fans of a certain age, he might be best remembered for playing Billy Young in Tiger Town.

Tiger Town was a made-for-TV movie that played on the Disney Channel in 1983. Great timing, considering what the Tigers did the next season. I really don't remember much about the movie at all, other than I thought it was really cool that the Tigers were in a movie, and scenes were filmed at Tiger Stadium. There is a summary, however, as well as a video clip at Platypus Comix. If you can remember anything, please share your memories in the comments.

I was hoping to find some clips on YouTube, but no luck there. It also appears that the DVD is out of circulation, but copies of it, as well as VHS cassettes, can be found on eBay.

A slow clap and a tip of the cap goes out to Roy Scheider, for being one of the memorable movie stars of my youth.