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Dialing the Wayback Machine to 2002

Today, we're here to talk about the past.

Over at Minor League Ball, John Sickels posted the Top 50 Prospects of 2002, which is an interesting list to look at six years later. A current Detroit Tiger is among the top 30 (#29), though he wasn't in their organization when he was a prospect.

A once promising but never prosperous Tigers prospect was in the top five (#4). Unfortunately, it wasn't until last season during which he finally reached his potential in the land of the concrete dome. Such a reminder could bring a tear to your eye or cause you to grind your teeth. Or maybe you're the type of healthy soul who can move on from that stuff.

The one player on this list (#33) who was an actual Detroit draftee turned out to be a bust. Perhaps more specifically, his shoulder busted. Somehow, Randy Smith still draws a paycheck from a major league baseball club.

(via Lone Star Ball)