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A Little More on Armando Galarraga

In his latest Q&A with readers, the Dallas Morning News' Evan Grant passes along some information on Armando Galarraga, the pitcher acquired last week by the Detroit Tigers from the Texas Rangers. Given that Galarraga was designated for assignment by Texas, it would stand to reason that he fell out of favor with the organization. But Grant explained how that unfolded when asked why Galarraga was cut loose instead of another player in the minor league system, such as Robinson Tejeda or Nelson Cruz.

Galarraga? Gotta admit that until last July or so, he had to be one of the biggest enigmas in the system. He finished the year pitching well, but he was going to be at least the third option if the Rangers needed a starter from the minors and might have been as low as fifth. This was going to be his last option year. A combination of lukewarm organizational support, a so-so track record and a wave of others who have already passed him in the pecking order or who are about to sealed the deal.

Obviously, Galarraga fills an organizational need for the Tigers. What starting pitching depth Detroit may have had in the minors was dealt to Florida in what we can probably just now call The Trade, in addition to Jair Jurrjens going to Atlanta. Maybe Galarraga would've been the third to fifth option on the Tigers' call-up list too, but with Jurrjens, Andrew Miller, Dallas Trahern, and Burke Badenhop now gone, he's probably right in the mix with Jordan Tata and Virgil Vazquez when a spot starter or injury fill-in from the minors is needed.

And as we discussed yesterday, Galarraga's remaining minor league option could make him pretty valuable when it comes to making roster decisions during the season.

(via Lone Star Ball)