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#3 on, #1 in Tigers Fans' Hearts

Jon Heyman posted his list of the top 10 general managers in baseball today at, and as many observers seem to be picking the Boston Red Sox over the Detroit Tigers (among other contenders) in the American League, so did Theo Epstein finish ahead of Dave Dombrowski in these rankings.

The top three GMs on Heyman's list don't necessarily reflect the three best teams in baseball, however, unless you're a hugely optimistic Oakland Athletics fan. Billy Beane was ranked second, ahead of Dombrowski. What did Heyman have to say about Double-D?

3. Dave Dombrowski, Tigers. He's willing to take big gambles, and they usually pay off. It doesn't hurt to have the $140-million payroll of owner Mike Ilitch, whose own good instincts were more responsible for signing Magglio Ordonez and Pudge Rodriguez.

It bears mentioning that Ilitch didn't start forklifting cash out of his vault until he knew that he had a general manager he could trust. (I know there were other factors, such as debt on Comerica Park, but just swim with me here.) Randy Smith failed that test miserably, after making the most of trading with the Houston Astros and San Diego Padres. Once Ilitch knew that Dombrowski was the real deal, he started writing checks.

Rounding out the top five in Heyman's list are Cleveland's Mark Shapiro and the Yankees' Brian Cashman. But with no mention of Omar Minaya (#8) acquiring Johan Santana, I'm wondering when this list was written.