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The Revolution Will Be Televised... Now Almost in Its Entirety

Well, I guess I can put my FOX-smashing Terminator robot away (at least until the postseason).

According to Jason Beck, the one game on the Detroit Tigers schedule that wasn't originally slated for telecast will now be shown on FOX Sports Detroit, thanks to the Tampa Bay Rays moving the August 2 start time to 7:00 p.m., which takes it out of FOX's exclusive broadcast window.

All 162 games, televised in full effect! We probably could've predicted this would happen anyway, right? But it's still nice that everyone involved took care of the problem before the season began.

Mike McClary, you will have Tigers baseball on TV on your birthday!

UPDATE (9:00 p.m.): Okay, I must not have read Beck's post closely enough. When he wrote that FSN Detroit would start the broadcast at 7 p.m., I figured that's when the game would begin. No, that's when local TV will pick up the telecast, and the game will already be in progress. With any luck, that'll be a Justin Verlander vs. James Shields pitching match-up.

(via Danny Knobler)