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Like Stripes On the Fur Coat of a Tiger - 02/20

Today's Detroit Free Press has an anecdote on Ozzie Virgil, who became the first person of color to play for the Tigers in 1958. Virgil was also the first Dominican to play in the major leagues, when he joined the New York Giants in 1956.

Delving a bit more deeply into the narrative, here's a link to a 1996 Detroit News article detailing the history of black baseball players in Detroit.

Both Take 75 North and The Detroit Tigers Weblog are endorsing Michael Hollimon for the reserve middle infielder spot on the 2008 squad. BYB might as well get on that train, too. If Hollimon is going to make it to the major leagues, this seems like the right time for him.

Maybe the next great All-Star weekend event could be an American Idol-like contest. If so, Fernando Rodney, who sings in the bullpen throughout the game, could be the Tigers' participant.

And maybe Brandon Inge could be the Simon Cowell-esque judge. (Just don't let Barry Bonds be Paula Abdul again.)

"I'd rather listen to my son beating on pots and pans in the kitchen," Brandon Inge said.

Mike McClary has re-enacted his less-than-courteous encounter with the Tigers' Group Sales department at The Daily Fungo. C'mon, guys - it's for the man's 40th birthday party. Make it happen!

Has anyone else run into similar customer service issues with the Tigers? I remember Billfer had some problems, but that was more a question of availability than service.

Speaking of Inge, I don't know if this is going to win him any sympathy, but yesterday on Detroit's WDFN, he explained why it's so important to him to be a starting third baseman for a losing team, rather than a utility man on a potential championship team. Audio is available, if you click through to The Cutoff Man.

At Roar of the Tigers, Samela has issues with Miguel Cabrera's choice of socks. Spring Training surely applies to sartorial choices, as well, so there's plenty of time for Miggy to get that right.

If you're a teammate of Magglio Ordonez, be warned: The Big Tilde might just load his family onto his plane and drop in for a visit - with no notice.

[UPDATED at 12:30 p.m.]