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Rodney's Playin' Catch, Feelin' Fine

After the news of Fernando Rodney's shoulder pain sent Tigers fans reaching for the Alka-Seltzer (or was that just me?), the man with the crooked cap played catch with Vance Wilson for about eight minutes and said everything went well. (I don't suppose anyone asked Wilson how he was feeling after slinging the ball around. Anyone? Lil' bit of an elbow problem?)

I don't know what kind of diagnosis can be made after eight minutes of catch, but I'm a blogger, not a doctor. Rodney threw the ball 60 feet and eventually moved it out to 90 feet, but admitted he wasn't throwing as hard as he does on the mound.

For now, the Tigers seem content to chalk it up to early (very early, I'd say) Spring Training soreness. I'll stick to what I said earlier today; it's better that Rodney takes it easy, rather than try to push it. But I reserve the right to get in line for red flags, too.