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Double-D Just Can't Overtake Theo

A few days after Jon Heyman posted his list of the top 10 general managers in baseball, FOX Sports' Dayn Perry has published his own GM rankings. And once again, the Detroit Tigers' Dave Dombrowski is looking up at his counterpart with the Boston Red Sox, Theo Epstein.

One difference on Perry's list, however, is that Billy Beane isn't sitting between Dombrowski and Epstein. Here, the Tigers' GM is the runner-up (flip-flopping places with Beane). So what did Perry have to say about Mr. Dombrowski?

2. Dave Dombrowski, Tigers

Dombrowski, thanks to canny personnel moves and an ability to persuade ownership to invest in the product, has won a pennant in Detroit and completely revived the long-suffering organization. Before that, he won a World Series in Florida, and when then-owner Wayne Huizenga ordered him to strip the roster for parts, his decisions laid the foundation for the team that won the 2003 championship. Back in the present, Dombrowski's active winter has positioned Detroit as one of the power teams in baseball this season, so he's still at the top of his game.

I'd like to see someone give Dombrowski credit for the speed and efficiency with which he works, too. Look how long the Johan Santana and Erik Bedard trades took to happen. For weeks upon weeks, reporters and bloggers were held hostage to rumors coming out of Seattle, New York, Minneapolis, and Baltimore. In Detroit, we heard rumors of the Tigers' interest in Miguel Cabrera around lunchtime, and by dinner, he was the new starting third baseman.

And before that, Edgar Renteria was the new Tigers shortstop the day after the World Series ended. Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am!

The other two GMs in Perry's top five are the Padres' Kevin Towers and the Yankees' Brian Cashman. Cleveland's Mark Shapiro and the White Sox's Kenny Williams are #6 and 9, respectively.