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How Hard Do They Throw?

So you already knew Justin Verlander and Joel Zumaya could throw that baseball hard. You've seen the radar gun readings on the scoreboard or television. But where do they stack up in relation to their peers?

At Baseball Digest Daily, Jonathan Hale posted lists of the hardest-throwing (and softest-tossing) starters and relievers in baseball from last season, and the Detroit Tigers' fireballers rank about where you'd expect them to.

Verlander was the sixth-hardest thrower among starting pitchers, with an average M.P.H. of 94.5 on his fastball. Among relievers, Zumaya threw the third-hardest fastball, with a 97.2 average M.P.H. No Tigers pitchers were ranked among the slowest throwers (though former Tiger Jamie Walker was the seventh-slowest reliever).

Who brought the most heat? The Mariners' Felix Hernandez was the hardest-throwing starting pitcher, while the Yankees' Joba Chamberlain was tops among the relievers.

(via Rob Neyer)