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Substitute Sheff for Timo, and That's Your Regular Lineup

I realize I'm posting this as the Tigers' Grapefruit League season opener vs. the Mets is already underway, so if you're listening to the game on the radio or online, you probably already know the lineups for each team. But I figured posting the Detroit lineup was a good idea, since Danny Knobler thinks it's an indication of the batting order Jim Leyland will favor once the regular season begins.

So take out Timo Perez, and insert the currently excused Gary Sheffield, and these are the nine that the Tigers should send to the plate most days.

1. Granderson CF
2. Polanco 2B
3. Timo Perez DH
4. Ordonez RF
5. Cabrera 3B
6. Guillen 1B
7. Renteria SS
8. Rodriguez C
9. Jones LF

Man, that was fun to type out. Even with Timo in that third spot.

UPDATE: There's no more "maybe" about it. Leyland says this is his Opening Day lineup, with Sheffield batting third and Miguel Cabrera in the fifth spot. (There goes an idea for a future poll question. Rats.) Enjoy the rest of Spring Training, folks!