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Rodney's Shoulder is Still Barking - And Now He's Not Throwing

Maybe I was a bit optimistic last week, when writing about Fernando Rodney's shoulder pain. Apparently, what we have here is a developing situation. And if Jim Leyland is now officially "concerned," I think we can begin to worry, too.

"I'm concerned whenever a guy takes five or six days off from throwing," Leyland said Wednesday morning. "It has gotten to the point where I'm concerned."

Okay, maybe you were already worried about Rodney, while I was in my "well, at least he's not trying to pitch through it" candy land. I'm right there with you now. You told me so.

After an MRI exam today, Rodney has been diagnosed with tendinitis in his right shoulder. As a result, he's not going to be doing any throwing until next week at the earliest. And he's already gone more than a week without throwing off a mound. Long toss is out too, as Rodney says he feels the pain when he tries to throw more than 60 feet.

Rodney insists, however, that he still has plenty of time to prepare for the season and should be ready by Opening Day. So is he being the optimistic one now?