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Keeping Tabs on Brandon Inge

Bear with me here, as this post is more to keep track of what Brandon Inge has been up to this spring, rather than try and determine what he might do or where he might end up.

Last week, Tom Gage speculated that Brandon Inge's lack of participation in a rigorous sprint drill might be an indicator that the Detroit Tigers were either getting ready to trade him or that another team had at least expressed interest. There weren't any rumblings to be found after Gage threw that out there, however.

A few days later, Jim Leyland all but listed Vance Wilson's status for Opening Day as questionable (to use a NFL term), but insisted that Wilson's recovery from elbow surgery wouldn't affect whether or not Inge would be dealt away. But was that more of a pat on the back to Inge, to let him know that the team is still trying to accommodate his wishes? Or maybe Leyland wants other teams to know that operators are still standing by for trade talks in Detroit's front office.

In the Tigers' first two games of the spring (one of which, of course, was an exhibition), Inge has played at DH and in centerfield. That sounds like a good start to the Chone Figgins-like role he's penciled in for with Detroit. Inge isn't in today's starting lineup, but we'll have to see what position he might play later in the game.

Did I miss anything? Anyone have some Inge thoughts to add? Do you feel like he's more or less likely to be traded now? How do you think the Vance Wilson situation affects him? Do you wish he'd talk more? Are you glad he's being quiet?

Consider this a placeholder until the next nugget of Inge news or speculation sneaks out.