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Like Stripes On the Fur Coat of a Tiger - Leap Year Edition

FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal talked to the Tigers' veteran hitters, asking them which was the best lineup they'd ever been a part of, and how it compares to the batting order Detroit will boast for 2008. Guys like Gary Sheffield, Carlos Guillen, and Pudge Rodriguez have been included in some fearsome lineups, but have they seen anything like what the Tigers' might flex this season?

After Jason Beck wrote a feature on Tigers prospect Preston Larrison, Take 75 North wondered if a ground-ball pitcher makes for an effective reliever and speculates on Larrison's future with the Tigers' organization. It's an interesting question that could be applied to Zach Miner, as well, considering Jim Leyland's praise for his sinker.

ESPN has announced its Spring Training telecast schedule, and the Tigers are slated to appear Tuesday, March 18 at 1 p.m. You can see the whole schedule, as well as the announcing team for Detroit's game vs. the Nationals at Awful Announcing.

Just in time for your fantasy baseball draft (my first one is on Monday), MVN has launched an online fantasy magazine called Roster. The Detroit Tigers Weblog's Bill Ferris wrote the team preview for the Motown baseball club.

If you didn't already know who the Tigers' Spring Training ballpark was named after, Ben Shipgel provided a quick primer for Mets fans at the NY Times' Bats blog. You can read more about Joker Marchant and some of the stadium's history at the City of Lakeland's website.

Following up on that, today's Detroit News reports that Joker Marchant Stadium could someday add a corporate sponsor attachment to its name.'s John Donovan has a profile of Dontrelle Willis and his impending adjustment to the American League. I'd like to see more of those shoes Willis is sporting in the accompanying picture. Spikes aside, those look pretty sweet.