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Like Stripes On the Fur Coat of a Tiger - 02/07

The sad story of former Tigers radio analyst Lary Sorenson just found a new level of sad. As Fred Girard reports in today's Detroit News, Sorenson was pulled over for drunk driving yet again last weekend with the kind of blood alcohol level that makes you wonder what exactly he was trying to accomplish.

TigerBlog is apparently more willing to face bad memories than I am, posting a link to a interview with Luis Pujols. I've tried to forget that Pujols ever managed the Detroit Tigers. I'm glad I wasn't blogging back when Dave Dombrowski made Pujols the interim manager after firing Phil Garner, as I'd probably be forced to choke down what I thought about Double D back then.

Remember when the Tigers batted out of order that one time against Anaheim in 2002? That was the total opposite of awesome.

Jon Paul Morosi takes a closer look at Curtis Granderson's new contract in today's Detroit Free Press. The previously announced five-year contract includes a $12 million option for the 2013 season that could increase to $15 million if Granderson achieves All-Star status (more if he's voted in as a starter) or finishes among the top five in MVP balloting during either of the previous two seasons.

Jason Beck continues his position-by-position series of the 2008 Tigers with features on the team's starting rotation and bullpen. For those still asking "Francisco Cruceta?" you might get some answers to satisfy your curiosity (or bafflement).

Joining The Detroit Tigers Weblog, Tiger Tales, and Take 75 North on the Tigers blogosphere welcoming committee (unofficial, as far as I know), I'd like to point you toward a new blog devoted to some Tigers minor league action. Follow your Lakeland Flying Tigers at Lakeland Flying Tigers. Check out their projection of the Lakeland starting rotation.

Another place you can get to know your minor league Tigers (if you didn't already know) is at The Surge, and they've posted an interview with second base prospect Scott Sizemore.

Those heading down to Lakeland between March 17-22 can "Spend an Evening with Ty Cobb" for the cost of $25. Proceeds benefit the Detroit Tigers Foundation of Florida. If you'd like to know what you're in for, AOL Fanhouse has posted a video of Norm Coleman's portrayal of Cobb.