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Make Sure You Have a Radio on August 2

The Detroit Tigers released their television schedule today, and as you might expect for a team expected to contend for a World Series championship, almost all of their games will be available for viewing on either cable or over-the-air broadcasts.

Wait - "almost all of their games"? "Almost"?

Well, yeah. See, here's the thing. One of the games on the Tigers' schedule just couldn't make the cut. Detroit's August 2 game at Tampa Bay is currently not slated for telecast. What's up with that, you ask?

Because the game starts at 6:10 p.m. ET, it falls inside the FOX network's exclusive broadcast window, and they did not put that game on their broadcast schedule.

Stupid FOX! C'mon! Man, sometimes those guys and their dumb Scooter cartoons and giant robots get me so angry, I wish something would come along to bring the smackdown. Something like... The Terminator!

What's that? Things could change, depending on postponements, rainouts, or whatever? No need to resort to outrage or excessive physical violence? Well, okay. Think of August 2 as a throwback day, when everyone listened to baseball on the radio. But it still felt good watching that FOX robot get pummeled. Just on principle.

Up to 151 games will be televised on FOX Sports Net. (See, that FOX I like. No Terminators necessary.) And as it was last season, Opening Day will be simulcast in Detroit on FOX 2 (WJBK-TV). The Tigers are also currently scheduled to appear twice on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball. Both games are in April, with more likely to be added as the season progresses.

You can view the complete TV schedule here.