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Inge Watch: How Would He Look in Dodger Blue?

Since "Where in the world will Brandon Inge go?" posts figure to be a recurring feature during Spring Training, I thought they might as well receive their own title. So we're now on "Inge Watch" (!!!), people.

If this was television, I'd have all sorts of zooms, graphics, Olde English Ds, and montages of Inge making diving stabs and lunging into the stands for foul balls. Oh, and Doppler radar would somehow be involved. But I'm a man of letters. Blog letters, but letters, nonetheless.

Mike McClary already covered most of this earlier today at The Daily Fungo, and you may have heard rumblings while you were in the virtual waiting room for Tigers tickets, but Danny Knobler is reporting that the Los Angeles Dodgers might be looking at getting into the Brandon Inge business.

With Joe Torre's new team presumably well stocked in the outfield, along with Russell Martin developing into one of the majors' best catchers last year, Inge would figure to be the starting third baseman for the Dodgers. That would seemingly make him a happy camper. Whether or not Inge would be a good fit in L.A. is also open to interpretation, considering Nomar Garciaparra and Andy LaRoche are already on the roster.

What might Detroit receive in return? That's unclear. Knobler didn't include any such information in his article, and I'm not going to embarrass myself by pretending I know any prospects in the Dodgers organization that could be offered in such a deal.

But we know there's interest. That's a start. Knobler also cited an anonymous baseball official (?) who thinks Inge could help out the Houston Astros at catcher. Spring Training is a time when anything seems possible, no?

▪▪'s Rob Neyer thinks the Dodgers would be wearing Bad Idea Jeans (my reference, not Rob's) if they made this trade. (Hat tip: The Daily Fungo)

▪▪ Mike Scioscia's Tragic Illness (gotta love that) has another four reasons why the Dodgers shouldn't be interested in making this transaction. (via The Detroit Tigers Weblog)