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Inge Watch: Again with the Dodgers Rumors?

According to's Jon Heyman, the Los Angeles Dodgers and Detroit Tigers haven't been in contact recently about a potential deal for Brandon Inge. And that lack of communication might indicate differing opinions within the Dodgers' organization on Inge's value.

Word is, Dodgers manager Joe Torre likes Inge's abilities from Torre's days as Yankees manager. However, the Dodgers' front office doesn't want to commit to the $19.2 million remaining on Inge's contract over the next three years.

Dodgers people made this call not to aggressively pursue Inge before injuries to third base prospect Andy LaRoche and veteran infielder Nomar Garciaparra. But even after both players got hurt (LaRoche is out for two months after being hit by a pitch; Garciaparra is expected back soon after the Dodgers return from their China trip), there's no evidence of renewed interest.

We've heard before that Torre and Larry Bowa (Andy Van Slyke's brother in helmetless coaching preferences) favor Inge, being more familiar with American League players. But we've also heard before that anyone interested in Inge is scared off by the remaining $19 million on his contract, and the Dodgers' front office isn't sure Inge would provide enough offense to justify the expenditure. (Maybe Ned Colletti should read Lynn Henning's latest column, in which he says Inge has been crushing the ball.

Yet another familiar rumble is that the Houston Astros are intrigued by Inge, but only if he's serious about becoming a catcher again. Heyman repeats those musings in his article, as well.

(via MLB Trade Rumors)

UPDATE: Now here's something I've wanted to see ever since Inge was bumped to utility duty. He's playing shortstop tonight.

UPDATE #2: Inge at shortstop will have to wait. Tonight's game vs. the Astros has been called due to rain.