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Clean Bill of Health for the Tigers?

Will Carroll's Team Health Reports feature at Baseball Prospectus focuses on the Detroit Tigers today, and perhaps surprisingly for a roster that's generally considered to be an aging one, they've received a rather positive bill of health. Plenty of green flags dot the Tigers' roster, with a couple of reds you might expect for Detroit's 40-year-old veterans. (Carroll also admits that maybe he should've graded Fernando Rodney and his aching shoulder more strictly.)

The player Carroll singles out as a concern for this season is Jeremy Bonderman. Bondo's health, Carroll thinks, will determine the success of the Tigers' season, and could indicate whether the workload early in his career might be catching up with him.

The SB Nation baseball bloggers were asked to submit a health-related question for these reports, and my query concerned Carlos Guillen and his move to first base. Carroll wrote about this approximately a month ago, saying that moving to first base wouldn't necessarily prevent Guillen's knees from getting sore. As a sidebar to the Team Health Report, Carroll elaborated on how first base might have an effect on those degenerative knees.

The report is free content at Baseball Prospectus and can be found here.