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Talking Tigers for Baseball Digest Daily

Dave Rouleau from Baseball Digest Daily invited me to join in on a roundtable discussion of the 2008 Detroit Tigers. Other panelists chiming in with their opinions were Bill Ferris of The Detroit Tigers Weblog and Peter Robins-Brown from Bugs & Cranks. Topics of discussion include expectations for Dontrelle Willis, how Brandon Inge should be utilized, how to fix the Detroit bullpen, the greatest Detroit Tiger of all time, and an under-the-radar prospect worth watching.

The Bloggers Roundtable has now been posted at BDD, and you can read our answers to Dave's five Tigers questions here.

Discussion questions will also be posted in the comments thread, so please feel free to check those out, as well as chime in with your own opinions.

Thanks to Dave for asking me to participate, as well as apologies to him for making him sweat with my forgetfulness and procrastination.