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Maybe We Should Call Him Miguel Tremendous

John Lowe reports in today's Detroit Free Press that the Tigers and Miguel Cabrera are still negotiating a long-term contract extension. It's not known where exactly the talks stand or what sorts of terms are being discussed (though it's probably safe to bet that $20 million per season and and an overall deal exceeding $100 million are starting points), but Lowe thinks it's a good sign that the two sides are at such a stage before Cabrera has even played a regular season game in Detroit.

Meanwhile, Jim Leyland is doing his best to butter up his current and hopefully future superstar as best he can:

"He's got very good hands and a tremendous throwing arm," manager Jim Leyland said. "Tremendous throwing arm. Tremendous."


"As far as arm strength and velocity, it's unbelievable," Leyland said. "I never realized it (his arm) was that good."

If you watched yesterday's game, you saw Cabrera make one nice stop behind third base in foul territory, and still get to his feet to gun down the runner. Despite all of the fears that Cabrera would be a woefully inferior defender compared to Brandon Inge, it certainly appears that he's not going to embarrass himself out there.

All of that should lead to a contract whose overall value ought to be simply... tremendous.