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If He Won't Give Up Pitching, Will Brian Sabean's Phone Stop Ringing?

If the San Francisco Giants aren't willing to give up pitching in any potential deal for a third baseman, can we safely rule them out of any future trade transactions with the Detroit Tigers?

From John Shea's notes in today's San Francisco Chronicle:

"We're going to try," general manager Brian Sabean said when asked if he expects trade activity before Opening Day, "but I don't see us trading pitching in any regard to try to solve what we want to do offensively."

Apparently, the Giants are willing to go into the season with Rich Aurilia (to whom all Tigers should be grateful for signing with Seattle back in 2004, thus freeing Dave Dombrowski to acquire Carlos Guillen) at first base and Kevin Frandsen at third. Why so shy about dealing pitching? Injuries to Vinnie Chulk and Noah Lowry have Brian Sabean thinking he should hoard the pitching acorns he has for the time being.

▪▪ ShysterBall has a great post today on Sabean's style of roster management.

▪▪ And this is almost a week old, but if you're curious what Giants fans think of Inge, Grant posted his opinion of our favorite disgruntled/displaced third baseman at McCovey Chronicles.