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Marcus Thames is Going to Cost You

If Dave Dombrowski is going to trade Marcus Thames, he wants something good in return. According to's Jayson Stark (subscription), the New York Mets would love Thames to fill the openings created by injuries to Moises Alou and Carlos Delgado. But Omar Minaya doesn't want Thames so badly that he's willing to give up Aaron Heilman.

Heilmann could ease many fears about the Tigers' bullpen. Last season, he was an excellent set-up man for the Mets, posting a 7-7 record and 3.03 ERA, along with 63 strikeouts in 86 innings. But since Minaya isn't interested in trading Heilman, I suppose typing out his stats for you is an exercise in futility.

Stark also mentions in his column that the Tigers are "talking to every club out there just about every day," trying to find a quality middle reliever. The Giants' Jonathan Sanchez could be such a guy, but they're not going to trade him for Brandon Inge.

(via MetsBlog)