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Like Stripes On the Fur Coat of a Tiger - 03/19

Over at The Detroit Tigers Weblog, Billfer asks what might be the best question posed this spring: Should the Tigers option Joel Zumaya to Triple-A Toledo at the beginning of the season? Given that the best-case scenarios have him rejoining the big league club in June, should the Tigers take advantage of the opportunity to delay Zumaya's impending salary arbitration?'s Tom Verducci pokes at Tigers fans' worst fears for the 2008 season: Is the Detroit bullpen good enough to win the World Series? And if not, does the organization have the pieces necessary to pick up reinforcements?

Take 75 North's Matt Wallace attended his first Spring Training game in Lakeland, and posted a first-hand account of yesterday's Nationals-Tigers contest.

Brian Borawski (whom you might know from such blogs as TigerBlog) has posted Five Questions for the Detroit Tigers at The Hardball Times. His fourth question is an intriguing one.

For anyone wondering why Yorman Bazardo hasn't seized that last bullpen spot for himself, today's Detroit Free Press reminds us that the young man is still grieving over the loss of his father three weeks ago. In addition, Bazardo has dealt with a couple of injuries this spring.

Have you entered Curtis Granderson's NCAA Tournament bracket group at (If not, you have approximately 24 hours before tournament games begin.) The overall winner will receive an autographed bat (should we call that a "grand" prize?) from Mr. Quadruple 20.

I forgot to post this a few days ago, which could've made for a fun game: What word do you think Jim Leyland really said instead of "stuff"?

Your non-Tigers item of the day: At the LoHud Yankees Blog, Peter Abraham posts his list of Ten People to Avoid at the Ballpark. #4 and 8 are my favorites. (Or would that be "least favorites"?)