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Anyone Up For Another Tigers-Braves Trade?

The Freep's Jon Paul Morosi suggests that tonight's Tigers-Braves game could be worth following (though it's only available on MLB.TV) to check out several Atlanta relievers that are out of options, and thus possible trade candidates. The Braves have two openings for their bullpen, and four pitchers competing for those spots.

Here are the names Morosi listed, along with their pertinent statistics:

RHP Tyler Yates: 2-3, 5.18 ERA; 69 strikeouts in 66 innings; 2 saves

RHP Blaine Boyer: 4-3, 4.30 ERA; 62 strikeouts in 73 1/3 innings; 2 saves (AAA)

RHP Chris Resop: 1-3, 4.57 ERA; 39 strikeouts in 45 1/3 innings (AAA)

LHP Royce Ring: 5-2, 3.05 ERA; 58 strikeouts in 44 1/3 innings (AAA)

So does anyone catch your eye there? The Tigers and Braves have done quite a bit of trade business over the past few seasons. Could they keep that streak alive this year?

David O'Brien has more on the Braves' bullpen logjam in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He mentions that Resop has been clocked at 99 m.p.h., while Ring is very good against left-handed hitters and Boyer has a fastball/curveball repertoire. One big red flag with Boyer, however, is the 50 walks he issued last season.

Meanwhile, Braves Journal predicts Yates and Boyer to draw the short straws for the final roster selections.

UPDATE: MLB Trade Rumors picked up the story, as well, and suggested several more relievers that could be or might already be available.