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Like Stripes On the Fur Coat of a Tiger - Good Friday Edition

Roar of the Tigers got a nice mention in this Wall Street Journal article about Jeremy Bonderman and the puzzle of his first inning struggles. Kudos to you, Samela!

The Detroit Tigers Weblog delves further into one theory posed by that WSJ, determining if the numbers support the idea that umpires might be responsible for Bondo's game-opening troubles.

Over at The Daily Fungo, Mike McClary posts three reasons why we shouldn't worry about that Detroit bullpen. A nation of Tigers fans hopes you're right, sir.

Baseball Prospectus' Will Carroll, however, includes one item at the end of his latest "Under the Knife" column that might cause us to worry:

The Tigers are shutting down Fernando Rodney pending some medical tests. Things don't look good, and one observer described him as "toast" last week.

Mack Avenue Tigers noted an interesting (baffling?) discrepancy in recent Detroit News headlines. Are the Tigers ready for the season or are they not?

Ken Rosenthal passes along a Brandon Inge observation about Miguel Cabrera in his latest column for FOX Sports. (He also includes a note about the four Atlanta relievers we discussed in yesterday's post.)