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Will Grandyland Be Closed for More Than Three Weeks?

Will Carroll chimed in on Curtis Granderson's hand injury for his Baseball Prospectus column. Perhaps the most notable point is that this type of injury might require a bit more recovery time than the three weeks that was announced. (Premium)

It's an important area for grip strength, and the lingering effects of the injury will be exposed when he returns, making this a double whammy. Early reports indicate that the team thinks he can start swinging a bat in two weeks, but as we saw with Chone Figgins last season, swinging a bat doesn't necessarily mean swinging it well.

Carroll's estimation is that Granderson might be out closer to four weeks. Figgins ended up missing almost the entire month of April last season, though he fractured two fingers in his right hand. His middle finger break, however, was in virtually the exact same place as Granderson's (which was illustrated so beautifully at Roar of the Tigers).

UPDATE (3/25): Granderson's publicist, John Fuller, posted a message on the forum to assure fans that the injury isn't really bad. (I have to start checking in there regularly.) He expects Granderson to be back after the first week of the season.

(Hat tip to The Detroit Tigers Weblog)