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The Big Contract is Now Official

The impending news of Miguel Cabrera's new contract with the Tigers becoming official somewhat parallels that of the trade which brought him to Detroit. During the Winter Meetings, the trade was announced, but then there was waiting. Would the deal fall apart? Should we not have gotten so excited? Six hours later, the trade was official, and there was joy in Tiger Town.

Tigers fans had new reason to celebrate over the weekend, when reports that the team and Cabrera had agreed to an eight-year contract hit the internet. But once again, there was waiting. The deal would be officially announced on Monday, we were told. No real reason to worry this time, as Cabrera was already being congratulated by teammates, and his father was talking about his son's newfound wealth to the Venezuelan press. confirmed the reports too, and Danny Knobler clarified that it was really a seven-year contract extention, each giving the news added legitimacy. But still, no official announcement from the Detroit Tigers. That is, until today.

The Tigers formally announced the contract agreement with Cabrera this afternoon, confirming that the deal runs through 2015 (thus including the one-year contract signed before Spring Training). The team didn't mention the financial terms of the contract, but Cabrera's agent confirmed the $152.3 total value of the agreement. (Somebody just made a hell of a commission!) Here's how it breaks down after the $11.3 million Cabrera will make in 2008:

He will earn $15 million in 2009, when he would have been eligible for salary arbitration. He will average $21 million over the next six seasons, when he would have been eligible for free agency.

That is getting it done, Tigers fans.